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Lisa Johnson

Lisa brings a scientific flair to knitting. Her background in science and mathematics brings an interesting dimension to her understanding of patterns and knitting. Lisa began knitting and crocheting when she was a child with her grandmother who was from Italy. She revisited the craft about 15 years ago and has been an avid knitter ever since

Jennine Jones

Jennine learned knitting from her Grandmother as a child. She then stopped knitting until she discovered the Yarn Center. She has learned most of what she knows from the fabulous Yarn Center teachers.

Hope Lockwood

 Hope has been knitting for over 60 years. She started knitting for others 30 years ago and began teaching 20 years ago. Hope finds that the art of knitting is both a relaxing and challenging endeavor and she is excited to have the opportunity to teach the art to others. 

Lauren Parker

Lauren began knitting in 1990 while shivering in front of a woodstove in a non-winterized Adirondack cabin near Lake Placid, New York. She knit her first sweater, a three-color Lopi, and never looked back. Arriving in the Bitterroot Valley in 1997, she taught knitting classes at Wild West Wools and designed knitting patterns for Mountain Colors. Currently, she enjoys sharing her passion for knitting with Yarn Center patrons.

Rachel Edwards

Rachel has been crocheting for 10+ years and runs her own crochet centered business, Rachel Rae Crochet. She can be found at many craft markets, vendor stores, and in the last few years she's been designing and writing her own patterns. She loves bringing a younger style to crochet. She's all about making crochet functional and stylish!